14 Beautiful Weekend Getaways


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While Father's Day normally consists of fun outings, like a brunch or beach day, this year we are all having to readjust. Between social distancing and worldwide quarantines due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Father's Day will undoubtedly look different this year. However, aside from gifts and sweet messages, there are still ways to make Sunday, June 21st special not only for dad, but for the whole family. To quell some of your planning woes, we put together an ideal quarantine Father's Day, complete with homebound brunch, movie suggestions, and outdoor activities (both virtual and in-person). So, even though you're at home this Father's Day, it doesn't mean the holiday needs to be boring.

Visit the National Parks, tour Versailles, and swim through a coral reef, all without leaving your living room. In light of the coronavirus pandemic, many organizations are offering elaborate virtual experiences. So curl up on the couch and travel anywhere your dad's heart desires. More: Get Outside Without Leaving Your Home Through These Virtual Tours

Have a Movie Night Archive PhotosGetty Images A great way to bring Father's Day to a close is with a themed movie. You have plenty of choices from Father of the Bride to Field of Dreams. You can even set up a projector and screen in your backyard to take movie night up a notch. But, whether you're outdoors or curled up on the couch, you're guaranteed to have a nice evening—just don't forget the popcorn. More: The Best Movies to Watch on Father's Day

There's nothing wrong with some friendly competition. Get the whole family involved and break out some games. Whether you're in the mood for a puzzle, a board game, or even charades, this quarantine-friendly activity will surely be fun for the whole family.

In the United Kingdom, Father's Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June. The day does not have a long tradition; The English Year states that it entered British popular culture "sometime after the Second World War, not without opposition". Singer songwriter Jon Barker also contributed to the UK's Father's Day culture by releasing the now popular song "Thank you for being my dad". The song reached charts around the world and is widely played at funerals each year around the world.

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